Trust your Family Medicine to your family doctor.

At Omaha Health Clinic, our Family Medicine services offer comprehensive healthcare for individuals of all ages. Our primary care providers take a holistic approach to treat not just your symptoms but the whole person; mind, body, and soul.

What is Family Medicine?

Family medicine refers to a specialty of medical practice focused on providing general care for all members of a family. Choosing a family medicine doctor is very important, as most medical visits from issues large to small, are managed through a family medicine practice.

Family medicine doctors receive training in almost every area of medicine. This is done so that they can accurately diagnose and treat a variety of acute illnesses and injuries. Family medicine doctors are also specially trained to help their patients deal with chronic diseases.

Do I need a Family Medicine Physician?

Every person should have a primary care physician. A family physician provides a stable source of medical information at a convenient office location to handle your medical care. As the name implies, an essential part of family medicine is treating the entire family. It’s beneficial to your overall well-being to have a provider who knows and understands your holistic treatment for you and your whole family.

At Omaha Health Clinic, our Family Physicians provide comprehensive healthcare to people of all ages, from newborns to seniors. Unlike other specialties limited to a particular organ or disease, family medicine physicians are qualified to treat most ailments and provide comprehensive health care. Our providers:

  • Care for patients regardless of age or health condition, sustaining an enduring and trusting relationship,
  • Understand community-level factors and social determinants of health,
  • Serve as a patient’s first contact for health concerns,
  • Help navigate the health care system with patients, including specialist and hospital care coordination and follow-up,
  • Use data and technology to coordinate services and enhance care,
  • Consider the impact of health on a patient’s family, 
  • and more.

What does a Family Medicine Doctor Treat?

At Omaha Health Clinic, our family physicians treat various common medical ailments, like the common cold and influenza, and minor injuries, such as cuts, scrapes, and bruises. Some of the medical issues commonly treated by your family medicine doctor include:

  • Common colds,
  • Influenza,
  • Minor injuries (cuts, scrapes, and bruises),
  • Infections,
  • Dehydration,
  • Depression and anxiety,
  • Weight gain,
  • Upset stomach,
  • Diabetes,
  • and More

Some of our clinic’s common services offered by our team of family medicine doctors include:

  • Vaccinations
  • Acute care
  • Chronic disease management
  • Physical exams
  • School and sports physicals
  • Blood testing
  • Urine testing
  • Specialist referrals

As with the conditions, the types of treatments a family medicine doctor offers will vary. Dr. Kakish and our providers have a broad range of experience based on their years serving families as primary physicians.